Thought you might like to receive a picture update of one
of your great pups!
This is Belle, I bought her at Petland down here and she
is one of Emma and Roscos mini longhaired
dachshunds.  She was 6 months old yesterday
(3/15/2006) and she sure is a little firecracker!

Thanks for providing such great animals to loving
Morgan Morrow
Customer Testimonials
Well Donald this is the puppy we got from
you on Sat. (3/26/2005) We named him meat
head. Now doesn't he have it rough!!!!
Thanks Donna
This is Kenai!  He now lives with his new
family in Miami, OK.  Thanks Jess and
Wendy for giving him such a great home!
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open his album.
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This is Sable!  She now lives with her new
family.  Thanks to the Kimmel's  for giving her on
her photo to open her album.
Just a note to let you know that the pups are doing great. We find that keeping food in
front of them works out better than feeding them at intervals. We also find that they
are very destructive but what can you expect from puppies,ha. We have them leash
trained and I'm amazed at how easy it was to do that. They are very inteligent and
willing to do most anything just to be near us so things are just great and we are very
proud of them. The neighbors are jealous but that's to be expected. I'm glad that you
let us have the male to go with his sister because without him she would have been
very lonely and probably loud . They don't like to be separated. Thanks!